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The ointments are semisolid dosage forms applied for skin or mucous membrane, these are mainly prepared with the hydrocarbons, waxes or polyols these are mainly present more than 50%. The water content and volatile oils are less than 20%.


Dermatological ointment: These ointments are applied on the surface of skin. These are again classified into three types based on the site of activity.

a. Epidermic ointments; These types of ointment are exert their therapeutic activity in the epidermis. eg: ketoconazole ointment.

b. Endodermic ointments: Thse are exert their activity in the endodermis. eg; Demodex ointment

c. Didermic ointments: These types of ointments are exert their activity by enter inter into deper of skin layers and enter into systemic circulation. eg; Nitroglycerin ointment.

Opthalmic ointments: These ointments are mainly used for the treatment of eye problems.The drug enter into the inner layers of the eye. eg: Moxifloxacin opthalmic ointment

Rectal ointments: These types of ointments are administered into rectal route. These PEG 400 (Poly ethyline glycol), cetyl alcohol, sterile esters etc for the tratment of bowel problems. 

Veginal ointments: These are mainly used used for the tratment of vaginal infection treatment. eg:Candicidin ointment

Nasal ointments ; These are mainly used for the treatmet of alergic reaction. Comparitively this route is less predominent. The drug directly entered into systemic; Iprtropium bromide