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The parenteral products are packed in various types of containers. The containers should be free from pyrogens and should not react with the medicament present in the container. The following materials are used for packing of parenteral products.

Packing materials for parenteral products:

Glass: Various types of glass are there in those

Type-I Highly resistant borosilicate glass: These can be used for parenteral purpose.

Type-II Treated soda lime glass:  These are also used parenteral liquids as well as powders.

Type-III Soda lime glass: This type can also used for packing of parenteral products.

Type-IV General purpose soda-lime glass: These are not used in parenteral products packing.

Plastic: The plastic materials are mainly used for packing of intravenous infusions. These are large volume parenteral. These are administered at a time.

Rubber closures: The rubber closures are used to seal the openings of cartridges, vials and bottles, providing a material soft and elastic enough to permit entry and withdrawal of a hypodermic needle without loss of integrity of the sealed container.

Aluminum: The material mainly used for seal the vials.

Paper: The paper cart boards are mainly used for final packing of parenteral products. This packing is known as secondary packing.

In this way various types of materials are used for packing of parenteral products. These packing materials should be check before utilization. The product should be retain it’s stability until usage. All parameters should consider for packing of materials.