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Looking to create a study plan? Check out here how we can make our study plan effective to get the exceptional results.

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In order to achieve our target it is very essential to have a right study plan. With a proper plan and implementation we can succeed in life. Here are tips for effective study plan.

Paper work:

Paper work is very important for planning. Blue print of plan will always help to implement successfully.

Conceptual understanding:

Never rush to complete the syllabus. Everything is interlinked in concepts. Try to understand and relate while you study. Keep a note pad and pencil along with you and note down the points.

Prefer reading text books:

It’s a good practice to read the text books from day 1 and write the important points with pencil next to every concept as it is easy to recollect during revision.

Thorough Revision:

After completing the syllabus a thorough revision is required. Never think that you have completed your portion without revision.

How to study the difficult/ tough chapters:

When you start with something difficult it is always recommended to start in a fresh time which is feasible for each individual. Some like to concentrate more during the night times and some in the morning times. Depending on your concentration levels start the chapter. Complete the chapter and try to explain that to your friends. “Explanation leads to better understanding”.

Taking regular intervals of breaks:

We should take a break of 5-10 min after 1 or 2 hrs of study. Don’t make a hectic study plan. Break time increases your concentration levels.

Take plenty of water:

Always keep a water bottle next to you. Have plenty of water as it gives oxygen to your brain and you can focus well.

Sleeping time:

Never reduce your sleeping time and study whole night. You should have proper sleep and food during the exams.

Whenever you do some work never forget what Kabir preached to us which gives us success.

“Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, pal mein pralaya hoyegi, bahuri karoge kab”

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