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The skin is largetst organ in human body. It is protected by environmental problems by using various types of cosmetics. The skin cosmetics are used not only for protection purpose but also for the attractive appearance. The following cosmetics are used for skin those are:

1) Skin creams: a) Clensing and cold creams

b)foundation and vanishing creams

c) hand and body dreams

d) All purpose creams

Ingredients: The creams are prepared with using various types of ingredients those are

Bees wax for cosistency purpose, it act as emlient. Ceresin wax used as humectant, Mineral oil used for luricant, Lanoli used as emolient, water used as vehicle. Perfume for odour.

2) Skin powders:

a)Face powdes

b) compact powders

c) body powders/talcum powders/dusting powders

Ingredients: All these powders are prepared by using various type of ingredients are

 Covering materials: These covering materials are used to mask small imperfections, enlarged pores and minor blemishes. These particles are very fine for pefect distribution on surface of body. Examples:  Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide.

Adhesive materials: These are main ingredients in the formulation of powders. The adhesion property of the powder cosider for efficiency.

Examples: Magnesium and zinc sterate

Slip materials: This propety is preferd for speading of the powder on the skin. It also provide the smoothness of the product. Examples: Talc, aluminium hydrosilicate.

Absorbent materials: These are mainly used for aborbing the secretions from the body like sedum and sweat. Examples: colloidal kaolin, bentonite, aluminium silicate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate.

Peach like finish materials: These are mainly used for peach like finished appearance. Which provide bloom to the skin. Examples: Rice starch, silica, powdered silk etc.

  Materials imparting frosted look: These materials are mainly used for translucent luster and shiny look to the skin. It also importen pearlescence. Example: guanine, mica, aluminium, bronze and bismuth oxychloride.

Colouring material: These materials are mainly used in the formulation of face powders and compact powdersto impart colour. Examples: iron oxide, ultramarine and organic lakes and pigments.

Perfumes: These are  mainly used for flowery fragrance. These ingredients should be compatable to that of all ingredients useed in the formulation of powders.

3) Skin colorants:

a) Compact rouges

b) Anhydrous cream rouges

c) Emulsion cream rouges

d) Liquid rouges

Ingredients: The main ingredient is color used for the attractive appearance. Mainly used coloring agents are Brillient red, Erythrosine and water soluble dyes.

4) Sun burn products:

a) Sun screen products

b)Palliactive products

c)  Simulative producs

Ingredients: The protective agents like homomenthyl salicylate are used.