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The vanishing creams are oil in water typte of emulsions. When they are applied on skin spread as athin film. This film is can not visible by nacked eye. Hence these are known as vanishing creams. These are improve the adhesion property of the powders. These should have high melting point, White in colour and less number of iodine.

The following ingredients are used in the formulation of vanishing creams.

  1. Stearicacid: it is main ingredient in the formulation of vanishing cream. Use; it governs the cosistency of the cream.
  2. Humectant: Examples; glycerin, sorbitol and propyline glycol. Use: It prevent excessive drying of the cream.
  3. Alkalies: examples: KOH, NaOH, sodium carbonate, ammonia and borax. Use: these are used for prevent harshness of cream on skin.
  4. Emulsifying agents: Triethanolamine soap, amino glycol soap and glyceryl monostearate. Use: These provide cream with less luster.
  5. Purified water: For stability of the cream.
  6. Preservatives: methyl paraben and propyl paraben use:These are prevent deteroration caused by bacteria and fungi.
  7. Perfume: levenderboil, geranium, wandal wood and terpineol Use: It provide odour to cream.

In this way these are ingredients are used for formulation of vanishing cream. The vanishing cream prepared by emulsion technique. The vanishing  cream when applied on skin vaporise the water leads cooling sensation. After some time the water evaporated leads to change the ratio of oil and water in emulsion leads to form water in oil type emulsion (W/O). This is known as phase inversion.