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 The powders are one of important skin cosmetics. These are mainly used for protection and beautifying of skin. These are mainly used by both men and women for face and body. Majorly three types of powder products are used in cosmetics, those are as fallow.

  1. Face powders
  2. Compact powders
  3. Body powders/ dusting powders/talcum powders
  1.  Face powders: These powders are improving the skin appearance by providing velvety finishing.
  1. These should smooth to the skin.
  2. These are mask minor imperfections of skin
  3. Remove the grease on face
  4. Give freshness to skin
  5. Should resistant to secretions of skin

A single ingredient can not sufficient to attain all characteristics.  various products like slip characteristic materials, covering materials, absorbents flavoring agents are used in formulation of face powders.


Formula                                         quantity for 100gms

Talc (slipping material)                              63g

Kaolin (covering material)                        20g

Calcium carbonate (Absorbent)                5g

Zinc oxide                                                 5g

Zinc steaerate                                            5g

Magnesium carbonate                               1g

Color                                                         0.5g

Flavor                                                        0.5g

2.  Compact powders: The compact powders can be prepared by compaction process. The dry powders are compressed in the form of cake along with binders. These compact powders are applied on face with powder puff. The compaction process is an important criterion, because if low compression may apply leads to form less strength compact it will break easily. If high pressure may applied leads to form a high pressure compact mass it can not break easily and will not adhered to puff.

Binders used in compacts:

Dry binders: Zinc steaerate, magnesium steaerate

 Oil binders: mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, lanolin.

Water soluble binders: Tragacanth, PVP, Methyl cellulose, Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC).

Water repellent binders: Mineral oil and fatty esters.

Emulsion binders: Triethanolamine state, glycerol monosterate.

These powders are prepared by Dry Method, Wet Method and Damp Method

3. Body powders/ dusting powders/talcum powders: These powders are mainly used for multiple purposes. The main function of body powders are absorption of perspiration (sweat). The ingredients are covering material, adhesive material, slip materials, antiseptics and perfumes used.

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