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The compact powders are prepared by mainly three methods

  1. Wet method:  The water is used for preparation wet mass. All basic ingredients are mixed with other ingredients like coloring agents and binding agents. The formulated pastes are pressed into moullds and slowly products are dried by air. This method is not widely used because product may cracks during preparation.
  2. Dry method: in this method water should not used. The all basic ingredients are mixed with binders compressed with special presses with the help of pressure. This method is carriedout under controlled conditions.
  3. Damp method: This method is most widely used method for preparation of compact preparation. This maily used for commercial purposes. The dasic powder, colour and perfumes are mixed in a proper manner. Then add liquid binder to the mixture. The liquid binder mainly aqueous mucilages or mucin rich emulsion. Then it is properly blended until desired plasticity of product obtained. The obtained product paseed through screen and then compressed by machine. Finally the obtained product is dried at elevated temperature.

The binders are play an important role in the preparation of compact powders.