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 The evaluation tests were conducted to know quality of final product. Generally stability test are conducted for powders. This test is carried out to know whether the product remains stable for prolonged period or not. Various other evaluation studies are conducted those are:

  1. Shade test: In this test, the variation of color was observed. The simple process is spread the powder on white paper observe the color and compared with standard one. Another simple method is applied sample and standard powder on face and compare.
  2.  Color dispersion test: This test was conducted for determination of spreading of color uniformly or not. The powder place on white paper and observe with magnification glass.
  3. Pay-off test: This test is carried out for determination of adhesive property of powders with the puff. This test is mainly carried out for compact powders.
  4. Pressure test: This test is carried for compact powders. The pressure should be uniform to powder. Should not form air pockets. If these air pockets may form leads to breaking or cracking of compact powders. The compact powders neither form soft cake nor form hard cake.

The pressure test was determined by using Penetrometer.      

  1. Breaking test: This test is performed for compact powders. The compact powders are allowed to fall on a wooden surface from a height of about 8-10 inches. This is carried out several times. After check any breakage is done. If the compact powder remains un break, then it show the resistant to travel and normal handling by the users.
  2.  Flow property test: This test is mainly carried out for body powders. This is helpful for easy application to skin. In this method angle of repose of powder is measured by allowing the powdered product to fall on a plate through funnel. The height and radius of heap is measured and calculate the angle of repose.
  3. Particle size determination: The particle analysis is carried out by using sieves (sieve anlysis), microscopic analysis, and other instruments are used.
  4. Abrasive character: This test is carryout by rubbing powder on smooth surface of skin. Then with the help of microscope the effect of powders.
  5. Moisture content: The content present in the powder can be determined by using following formula.


Moisture content (%) = Weight of water in sample/weight of dry sample ×100

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