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  1. The agents are helpful for treat problems arise during excessive sunlight known as sunburn products. Due to exposure of sunlight various benefits as well as problems are there.

a)      Benefits: The sunlight helpful for production of hemoglobin in human body. The sunlight also helpful for production of vitamin D. this is done by activating 7-dehydrocholesterol. The vitamin D helpful in the absorption of calcium from intestine and improve strength of bones.

b)      Problems: The sunlight contains ultraviolet light cause skin cancer. The radiation in between 2800-3200oA cause erythema of skin. Radiation 3900oA and above cause heating reactions.

                          Sunlight first exposed leads to cause erythema then process of tanning. The tanning is            produced depend on production of melanin pigment and genetic metabolism. The tanning is three types.

·         Immediate tanning: This caused with in 1-2 hours after exposure to sunlight. In this type the upper epidermis of skin exposed to sunlight.

·         Delayed tanning: This is caused when exposure to radiation range 2900-3200oA. The tanning developed with in 10 hours. The basal layers contain melanin is responsible for pigmentation.

·         True tanning: This is also known as melanogenesis. This is started with in 2 days after exposed to sun light.

The agents are used for the treatment of all types of skin infections are known as sunburn products.

The sunburn products are classified into three categories based on the mechanism of protection.

·          Sunscreen products: These are protecting the skin by scattering the sunlight falling on skin.

·         Palliative products: These products are protecting the skin from irritation and other problems like skin infections.

·         Simulative/suntan products: These products are protecting the skin producing suntan. This is done by production melanin pigment.

The sunburn products are protecting the skin by form a thin layer. These substances have histamine like drugs are protecting the skin from inflammation.