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  1. The evaluation tests are conducted for determination of product quality and ingredients effectiveness. Generally the fallowing tests are conducted for sunburn products.

a)      Spectrophotometric determination test: In this test the efficacy and standard UV absorption range of product was determined. Various concentration of samples were prepared and observe the UV rays absorption range. This absorption range was compared with standard product.

b)      Erythemal dosage test: This test is to know the efficacy of product can protest erythemal rays or not. The erythemal rays are produced by sun may cause erythema of skin. These radiations are also known as E-riton rays.

c)      Sunscreen index test: This test is carried out for known the screening activity. This is done by study extinction coefficient at 308 mµ wavelength. The result of sample was compared with standard product. Based on the value the sun screen index was determined.

d)      In-vivo skin test: This test is carried out on animals like rabbits. Select the particular area of skin and apply sample product and artificial rays are generated and exposed to sample applied area as well as normal skin area. Later record the observations and compared with standard product. If any changes are required alter the formulation.

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