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Have any of you ever stopped and wondered, how a simple visiting card containing standard information like name, designation, company name and so on, could solve innumerable purposes?????????

We all invariably exchange visiting cards at the beginning of any business relation. A typical visiting card would contain the standard information like Name, Job Title, Company, Address, Contact Details, Website address, etc along with the logo of the company.

However there is so much more to discover from a visiting card than just the information printed on it.

Smart networkers would split hair to generate business growth from each card exchanged. A scanned business card is a repository of opportunities for an individual with strong business acumen.

The following techniques must be habitually adopted post the ritual of exchanging cards: contacts:

1. Scribble the context of the meeting: It is wise to capture the context of the meeting in a few short phrases penned behind the visiting card and use of paperless office solutions . This serves to refresh your memory about the meeting, even if it is looked upon after several weeks.

2. Event Classification: We network at several seminars, conferences, exhibitions, etc. with people with varied backgrounds and interests and exchange visiting cards. lettering the name of the event following the visiting cards collected not only gives you a context to the meeting as described in point #1 but also helps quick, easy recall.

3. Contact Classification: We have diverse contacts. However classifying these contacts across different categories helps in structuring ones contact information along easy to manage and remember sets. Further segmenting of classified contact information based on industry types makes it readily usable across the organisation.

4. Depth of the relationship: Building informal relationships is often necessary with contacts to strengthen the purpose of contact development. For instance collating information like birthday, anniversary, avocations, etc. helps in ones’ quest to deepen the relationship of paperless office software.