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Based on the size of the computer, it is divided into four types of computer. They are

1.       Super Computer: These are most powerful computers in which we can observe data processing and performance are much faster when we compare with other types of computer. Super Computers are mainly used in the research organization and NASA for launching space rockets and controlling rockets in space. The size of the computers are very big which can occupy rooms and some types even buildings. Ex: Fujitsu’s K Computer in Japan, IBM’s Mira in United states.

2.       Main frame computer: These are the computers comparatively less expensive than Super computers mainly used in government organizations and big business industries. The advantage of Main Frame Computer is that it can save large amount of data. This kind of computer usually seen in  educational institutes and insurance companies to save huge amount of students and customer’s data. Ex: Hitachi’s z800, Fujitsu’s ICL VME.

3.       Minicomputer: The Minicomputers are also known as “Midrange Computers”. These are less expensive comparative to mainframe computers. The data storage and processing is less compared to supercomputer and main frame computer. Mini Computer usage is seen in small scale industries to save their costs.  Ex: SDS-92, K-202

4.       Microcomputer: Smart phones, laptops, desktops all are come under the microcomputers. These are affordable and cheap when compared to all the above super computer, main frame and mini computers. These are used for the personal use including gaming, chatting, browsing, calling and much more.

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