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Online Marketing : Online marketing is the process of promoting our product or service through  various resources available via online / internet / real time and mostly these types of avtivities are held on devices like computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc..,

Ex : websites, mobile apps, emails, classifieds, search engines, social media etc.,

Digital Marketing:  Is the process of promoting our product or service with various promotional material related to society through digital devices like tv, digital boards etc.,

Ex : digital sign boards


Digital Marketing

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Marketing is about identifying and understanding the customer’s needs and provide what they want at the right place, right time and at right price. It is for the purpose of promoting the brand. It includes 4Ps –product, price, place and promotional strategy.

Digital Marketing:

It is the promotion of brands using digital channels, applying technology and makes use of electronic components such as cell phones, computers, Tablets, etc. It can be through Non internet channels such as Radio, TV, SMS, etc.

 Online Marketing:             

It is the promotion of brands through the internet to deliver messages to end users. Online marketing is also known as internet advertising or online advertising.  It contains email marketing, social media marketing, mobile and web banner advertising etc.

Digital Marketing

Online Marketing

DM includes Digital channels regardless of whether they are online or not.

OM include activity specific to web or internet.

It uses more channels to reach people.

It uses live internet market for promotion and branding.

DM requires online marketing to complete and systematic.

OM can stand on its own.

It uses channels such as SMS text messages, apps.

Marketing via social ads on social medias, SEO,SEM.

In DM you find internet advertising.

OM is inclusive of advertising done using the internet.

Through resources DM is done. Resources include PC, laptops, Tablets, mobiles, Gaming, Bill boards.

Resources obtainable across world wide web.

Digital marketing isn’t always online marketing.

online marketing is digital marketing