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If business don’t keep a track of the posts, reviews about their company, chances are that someone may be posting negatively about them and slowly their reputation starts declining. This affects the business badly losing customers. Managing online reputation is a best practice for better ranking in SERP.

Some of the affecting factors are

·         Post published: someone may have published negative post. Do you really want your customer to consider it?

·         The internet never deletes manually: once published, post will not be deleted by server. Search results are not displayed chronologically, posts published years ago and outdated posts will definitely disturb if people starts clicking them more than the newer ones.

·         Negative reputation: negative review of a brand can have permanent impact on your business; they are not eliminated on their own. Businesses need to manage it by hiring Online Reputation Managers.

How to regain reputation?

Online reputation has become more and more important as users are connected with each other through various social networking sites. Social media sites are ranked second for searching brands and business after Google search; this makes them a good platform to build brands and customer loyalty to gain reputation. Push positive contents until they rank higher than negative reviews, as once published post will not be deleted from Google server.

Online Reputation Management Tips

·         Monitor your online activities on regular basis. If any negative content is updated, immediately take steps to         update new positive content and try to get more clicks so it can be ranked higher than negative link.

·         Search your results up to page 5 in Google, because if a negative post is in page 5, it should make a way to         page 1. Take necessary steps.

·         Reply to the comments done by unsatisfied customers. Apologize for the mistake done and try to repair the damage. Anyone viewing with will think your company is considering customer service a serious matter. Also reassure other readers these negative comments are not regular. This helps in building trust with users.

·         Try to get more number of positive reviews, as Google gives higher rank to the listings that has higher positive reviews.

·         Maintain and participate actively on social media sites replying to customers. This also helps in gaining trust.