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Types of Breadcrumbs:

Location –based: It shows to user where the current page is located in a website hierarchy considering the content and structure. These types have more than two level strengths in website navigation. The text link will be in superior level than subsequently and the link which is at the last will be the page landed on the website.

Location Based Breadcrumb

Attribute-based: It is a navigation that provides information about the current page.  We can often see the attributes in the ecommerce website. Apart from the product category, attributes include colours, size, material and years.

Attribute based breadcrumb

Path-based: It is the navigation a visitor has made journey to reach a particular page. It is similar functionality of having forward and back buttons and it shows all the links travelled within the site.

Modern methods in breadcrumbs:

Instead of using visual symbols like greater than or colon, the modern design has changed with having visual separation with different colours, fronts and small icon images.

Modren methods in breadcrumb

Google Breadcrumbs:

Google Breadcrumbs

The website URL will be displayed in the search results once the website is registered under Google as search results snippets. The user find its more appealing when the Google gives results with Breadcrumbs that helps the visitor to help know more information about the site. It may also find some data from the link and can spot it as a hyperlink.