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In cleanroom area human are major source of contamination. The human generated contamination are hairs, dandruff, dust inside of nails even breathing also cause the contamination. These contaminations are common in the aseptic area but we can control by following some precautions. Unqualified persons are source of contamination (They don’t know how to behave in clean room).

  1. Train the persons enter into the aseptic area (Cleanroom).
  2. Double gowning system is helpful for control human generated contamination.
  3. Checking of personal hygiene before enter into aseptic area.
  4. Eating and chewing should not allowed into aseptic area.
  5. Should not allow materials like cosmetics, jewellery, chandan and kunkum etc.
  6. Those persons enter into clean room should cover the hair for prevent hair fall and prevent from dandruff.
  7. Differential pressure should maintain for reduce contamination (Positive pressure)
  8.  HEPA filters are required for maintain the air flow velocity. This is helpful for reduce contamination by change air. Based on the grade the number of air changes also change in grade A area more number of air changes compared to B grade.
  9. Inter lock system more helpful for reduce contamination of area.
  10. More persons should not allow into the area.
  11. Movement of persons should reduce as much as possible. (If increase the movements particle generation also increase)
  12. Normal papers should not use (May release particles), always use laminated sheets or those papers not release particles. Special pens are required for enter data.
  13. All materials are used in the clean room should be sterilize like garments, machine parts, papers, vessels, buckets (for cleaning purpose)
  14. Line clearance required before start of the activity.
  15. During operation persons should not disturb flow pattern of air LAF (Laminar air flow)
  16. Lint free garments are allowed into clean room, tissue paper should not allowed into the clean room.
  17. Shower is required before enter into cleanroom.
  18. Hands should be sanitize with IPA (Iso propyl alcohol) 70%.