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The sterillium is used as hand disinfectant in pharma industry. This is excellent disinfectant immediate effect. It has good skin tolerance effect. This is mainly used as hygienic and surgical disinfectant.


In 100gm of sterillium

Propane-2-ol     45.0gms

Propane-1-ol     30.0gms

Mecetronium metilsulfate           0.2gms

Purified water QS

Other ingredients like glycerol, tetradecane-1-ol also present in the sterillium but in less quantity.


  1. The sterillium mainly used as bactericidal
  2. It used as tuberculocidal
  3. Yeasticidal activity also having in the sterillium
  4. The striilium also having mycobactiricidal, virucidal activity.
  5. In hospital it is used for reducing the contamination during surgeries.
  6. In laboratories this is used as disinfectant.
  7. In canteen and kitchen for reducing the infections.
  8. In domestic service departments also use this disinfectant.
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