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Stomach fat reduction tips

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The follow tips will show good result to reduce stomach.

  • Eating Sabja seeds will help to reduce fat deposited in and around the stomach. It not only reduces bad cholesterol in the body but also improves blood circulation. Sabja seeds are the high fibre containing food items which in turn reduces constipation. For better results, in take soaked sabja seed water with lemon juice in it in the early morning.

  • Intake mixture of Apple seeded vinegar, hot water, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in the early morning.

  • Cucumbers are one of the best food items helps in reducing fat in and around the stomach. Intake of Cucumber along with coconut water gives good results.

  • Procedure: Take two mid-size cucumber and cut into small slices. Add 2liters water in a bowl along with cucumbers and store in fridge overnight. Intake of this juice everyday night before sleep will show good results within 10-15 days.

  • Combination of Mustard oil and camphor will give better results to reduce belly fat.

    Procedure: Take 100ml mustard oil and heat on a small flame and add 50gms camphor and let the camphor dissolve completely. Cool the oil and take in a container for everyday use. Take a small amount of prepared oil slightly heat it and apply this oil where ever fat deposits on skin. Massage for 20 to 30min before bath that helps reduce the stomach fat.

  • Every day a minimum of 30min walking is recommended.

  • Intake of high fibrous containing food can reduce constipation. Low constipation conditions can increase the digestion power.

  • Taking raw vegetables, fruits as salads and green leafy vegetables is highly recommended and helps as anti-oxidants.

  • Every day exercise is required at least 30min.

  • Daily should take skimmed milk.

  • Should decrease the intake of salt in daily food, due to high amount of salt leads to cause blood pressure.

  • We should not skip the breakfast, should avoid junk food and bakery items the food having high amount of sodium.

  • Pineapple is good fruit to reduce fat.

    Procedure:  Take one pineapple and cut into small pieces, add 4 teaspoon ajowan mix well, add one glass of water and boil, keep aside overnight. Filter and drink the solution early morning. If we follow this procedure continuously for 10days could result in reducing the belly fat.

    Note: This solution should not be taken by pregnant women, it leads to shrinkage of stomach.

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