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Tips for treatment of dandruff

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  • Most of the complaints on dandruff is due to dry skin. To reduce that, the best home remedy is applying hair mask which is a mixture of olive oil and curd. Apply the past on hair and take head bath after 30 minutes.

  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water for 30 minutes and paste it. Mix the past with curd and apply it on hair for 30 minutes.

  • Having Vitamin B6, Biotin, and Zinc containing food can reduce dandruff.

  • Heat coconut oil slightly and add camphor on it and stir until it dissolves. Apply the oil every day and massage for 10 minutes and take head bath after 30 minutes of application for better results.

  • Mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil for 30 minutes before head bath also helps in reducing dandruff problems

  • Mix Multani mitti mix with water and apply the mixture on hair and keep it for 20min before head bath.

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