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There are many ways to make your traveling time productive. Here are some:

1. Recollect your goals and achievements - This helps improving your future works easier

2. Start writing the content on a topic that strikes your mind at that moment

3. If you have a voice recorder, record the place highlights and release in a POD cast portal or video broadcasting sites which brings you dollars in return

4. Start thinking about a new project or improvements in your current project (if you have mobile, tablet or laptop)

5. If you have a DSLR camera (Even good quality mobile camera works) - Give a snap and publish on the image trading sites to get your own identity by earnings from your images and of course this reduces taking selfies

6. Collect some communication or informative magazines that help your knowledge to grow and keep updated

7. If you are a business owner review your marketing strategies by preparing a high-level competitor analysis - helps improving your business

8. If you are a student take a review of an unknown subject that helps your get the control over it

9. Write a blog on your commendable subject or topic and publish the paper online - Many websites pay for papers

10. Start editing pictures by using various photo-editing apps and publish online photo galleries - Which gives you credibility and of course bucks