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Professionalism is the way how we show our-self to our surroundings.In a work environment professionalism is very must required.
Important ways to be followed at work environment
Greeting each other at work shows how well you can mingle with people.Never forget to greet your colleagues as you start your on a face and an open  greeting can change the mood of a person.
Punctuality is another aspect which does not define only your time management, it as well shows your commitment and interest towards work. Always be punctual and when you commit to do something perform the task within the time.
confidence is like a crown to a king. Never loose your confidence at any point of time. your voice should be loud enough for the other person to gain your attention. you should always maintain eye contact when you talk to others.Be alert and attentive at your work.
Avoid using mobiles for your personal use:
work for what you are paid.Give your best. Try to avoid using mobiles for your personal use until it is an emergency.
Having breaks with colleagues:
Try to have your breaks with your colleagues as it is the time where you get to know about each other.
compliment if something is really good.
Be and initiator:
Take the first step to initiate anything which you can do. Never wait for other person to start the process. Try to grasp the things quickly by being alert.

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