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A.    Sticking and picking: This is cause due to over wetting.
B.    Attach and remove superficial layer of tablets.
C.    Roughness: This is due to over drying
D.    Orange peel effect: This is most commonly observed problem in the layered tablets. This is due to uneven distribution or uneven spreading of film. This is increase the thickness cause removal of layer.
E.    Blistering: This is cause due to high temperature.
F.    Bridging and filling: This problem mainly observed in the embossed punches.
G.    Hazing/Dull appearance: This is caused due to high temperature.
H.    Colour variation: This is cause due to uneven distribution of colour during formulation. For this problem rectification during formulation evenly mix all ingredients and colours.
I.    Cracking: This is caused due to shrinkage of polymers.