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Could anyone help me choosing the best business with low investment in Bangalore, India

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There are numerous profitable business that can be started in the Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore or Bengaluru). Please find some of the below

  1. 99 Variety Dosa Camp – Because most of the people are fond of this South Indian dish and which always ends with an yummy taste
  2. Idly and Paddu Stall – Most of the bachelors like to have the readily available tiffin when they are hungry and time is running out
  3. Tea and Coffee Point – As always an evergreen business, because Marketing, Business, IT, BPO and other associates are always headed up with the pressures and work. Usually this goes woth the chai and biscuit or chai and cigarette
  4. Cigarette and Pan Bhandar (With Banana Hangings) – Most of the bangaloreans like to have a hot cup of tea and cigarette at the pan shops. Women enjoys the freedom of smoking when they are with their colleagues
  5. Paani Poori and Bhel Puri Stall – As always people like to have the gol guppa as the cheap, tastiest and simple snacks
  6. Sandwich, Noodles(Maggi)  and Juice Center – The quick food that a typical Bangalorean expect when he/she is hungry
  7. Real Estate – Rent, Lease, Buy and Sell (Tolet – 1BHK, 2BHK, Single Room) – If you have good contacts and communication to deal between the owner and tenant you can see a huge commission on your work
  8. Mobile Grill Chicken (BBQ Style) and Chicken Biriyani – If you can find an exceptional local chef then you are about to touch the golden apex and expect the huge profits with a low investment as the most people like the chicken varieties and Barbeque and Grill comes first.