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How to apply for a duplicate tenth class (SSC/SSLC) marks certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

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Tenth class(10th class) marks memo is one of the mandatory certificates for most jobs including private and government jobs. Just imagine, if you lose your 10th class marks certificate, what is going to happen to your career…!! No need to worry you can request a duplicate marks memo from the Directorate of Government Examination, popularly known as Secondary School Certificate Board (SSC Board) . Because of online revolution, one can easily get  duplicate tenth class marks memo but you should know hall ticket number, date of birth (mentioned on the 10th class marks memo) and year of examination passed. To avail tenth class memo, below are the steps to be followed.

  1. Visit . you have to provide hall ticket number, Date of Birth, Year of Examination Passed, Stream of Examination (whether you passed by doing Regular, Private, OSSC-Regular, OSSC-Private, Advanced Supplementary. ) and captcha code to confirm that you are not a robot to access information on portal.All good, you will be able to access duplicate certificate.

  2. If you are not having 10th class hall ticket number, then visit your school where you studied and approach Principal with the letter explaining the loss of 10th class memo and provide your year of examination passed details. Schools maintain  record of your lost hall ticket number and apply it online.

  3. We can avail duplicate tenth class mark memo by offline method as well. But it is a tedious process.