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I am running an AdWords campaign and I have gone through the quality score of the keyword is essential to reduce the cost and increase the ad rank.

Any ideas on improving quality score?

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Steps to improve quality score

AdWords Quality Score Explained

1.    Expected CTR

  • Writing powerful and relevant ad copies
  • Make use of the ad extensions as much as possible

2.    Ad relevance

  • Make sure the right keyword selection and incorporation
  • Pause irrelevant and poor-performing keywords across the campaign and ad groups
  • Review negative keywords from the search report

3.    Landing Page

  • Point-to-point content, headlines, CTAs (Call to Action) to draw the attention and tempt the user
  • Need to maintain the keyword relevance – Keywords that are available on ad groups should appear on the LP (Landing Page)
  • Top performing keywords should be added to the Meta data, opening paragraph of the content, all the main keywords need to updated above the fold of the website