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Quick glance on tips to be followed to attend an interview. Learn more..

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The name interview has its meaning inter (in between two) view (to see or observer) which says meeting between two people to understand his/ her behaviour, character and of course, educational background. Below are few tips to be remembered while attending an interview.


While attending interview make sure your appearance is good. “First impression would be your best impression”.

His things:

  • Groom yourself properly. Don’t make different hairstyles which may have some negative effect on your appearance.
  • Wear pressed clothes which gives a descent appeal.
  • Polish your shoes as the examiner would examine you from tip to toe.

Her things:

  • Wear a descent dress with a light colour. Your dress should not dominate you.
  • Don’t do a heavy make up on your face.
  • Wear the sandals which gives you comfort when you walk.
  • Don’t leave your hair loose which may interrupt you to deviate your concentration.

Arranging things:

Carry a zip file along with you with all the necessary certificates in a sequential manner.


SSC, Intermediate, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree Certificates.

Have a set of photo copies of all your originals.

Carry a white paper and a ball point pen as well to use if required.


Be confident. The way you walk, talk, look at people everything shows your confidence. Walk confidently, maintain eye contact when you talk. Talk with politeness and smile on face.


Ask for permission to enter the room. Greet the people in the room with confidence and smile. Give a firm handshake if they offer handshake. Thank them after the interview for giving the opportunity.

Straight forward:

Be straight forward while you say something. If you don’t know any answer agree that you are not aware of it. Everyone does not know everything. Explain them that you are the best learner to know new things.

Be positive:

Never go low in any of the situation. There is nothing wrong even if you don’t crack the interview. Remember every experience is a new learning.

These are few of the ways to be kept in mind while you attend an interview.