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i wanted to know few things which we can do in the day to day activities to improve my lifestyle

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Few steps that can improve the lifestyle

  • Wake Up Early
    • A good start helps to start the day with full energy and enthusiasm
    • Waking up early gives more time to plan and decide on how we need our day to be and gives time to read and relax
  • Plan
    • Planning is an important part of a day. It helps to organize all the things effectively
    • Proper plan can improve all aspects on a  day such as reaching to a place on time and getting things well organized
  • Be Healthy & Maintain Fitness
    • Health is wealth. The most important part is the health which needs to be taken care with good healthy food.
    • Also, do some fitness stuff that keeps your body trim and healthy
    • The fitness stuff can be yoga, jogging, Zumba, martial arts, swimming etc. based on preferences
  • Meditate
    • Allocate at least 15mins for meditation, it helps to calm down the body and make you relax
  • Focus on result-oriented activities
    • Not all activities are fruitful and time is precious. So focus on things that give results.
    • Try to complete anything you start off.
    • Avoid procrastination
    • If you can’t who can
  • Learn/Train on New Skills
    • In this fast-moving world where there are a lot of new things/skills.
    • Acquire one of the niche skill and be unique & competitive
    • The skills can be from essential skills like driving, swimming or professional skills like coding, teaching or certifications
  • Read a Lot
    • Reading is a wonderful way to broaden your knowledge  beyond the known limits
    • It helps to make you creative and sound smarter on most occasions
  • Interact with People Who do Unique Things
    • There are people who are good at their own work. Find them interact with them
    • New people teach us interesting things they do
    • It will also help us enhance our view and knowledge in different ways
  • Target Goals & Make Checklist
    • Keep certain goals/targets to achieve monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/ Yearly
    • Tick the checklist once you complete and start working on the next one
  • Rest
    • Always have adequate time to rest which keeps the body fresh the next day and helps you to be motivated