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Need to know the steps to motivate team members at work and how to effectively utilise those methods

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Being successful in life is a great thing, but making others also to be successful in their life is an acheivement.Always try to help others who really wanna grow up in life. Here are few things which can be done to motivate your peers/teams in office.
1)Be a good listener:
when a person is saying his ideas about improvement of project, listen carefully.Let it be helpful or not,respect their ideas. if that does'nt work out explain him the pros and cons of it.
Make him understand by being polite. By listening carefully you can decide if it is really useful and by answering politely you will gain a good impression in your team to maintain healthy relation.
2)Encourage the team:
 Mingling with people is another most important thing to build relationships.Be a good motivator and encourage their work. Encouragement gives lot of strength. Appreciate their work if they have really done a good job.
3)Identifying persons ability:
Every person has his own abilities. one person might be good in one thing which the other person is not.Never discourage a person infront of everyone.Identify his capabilities and areas of improvements. Talk to the person personally and explain him his/her improvement areas.
Send a mail or compliment appreciating them for there success. Make them know that their work has got noticed and had really helped in growth of their team.

These are few essential things to be followed to motivate your peers.