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Make a women happy by following these small tips....

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Women plays a vital role in everyones life. our life on this earth begins with a women and the journey goes on with a women next to you.Mom, sister,wife, children, best friends everywhere you are surrounded by women.Good to see that women has stepped into many roles in our life,and infact we have to agree that she is a multi tasker.Girl growing up as a women who knows to work in a company, gets married adopt herself in other family whom she might not know before, continues to work to support family financially,takes care of children,husband and inlaws from the day she get up and till she sleep.In this she might neglect herself and miss her own private space.Here are few things where you can make a women happy as its your responsibility too....
1) Spending time:
sometimes we feel good when someone really talks good to us. we get relieved from our hectic day work.
Make sure you drink coffee in the morning, having your 3 meals with everyone in your family. Family time is important. stop staring at TV, mobiles or any other gadgets. Its your family time, so just spend with them.

2)Remebering special days:
Birthdays, Marriage anniversaries, Mothers day, Rakshabandhan,etc are some of the occasions where you get an oppurtunity to express your love and thank them for being part of your life.May be everyday you will not go thank them, but when you thank them once they would remeber that forever. Expressing Love is equally important when you really love them.

3)Sharing the work:
Make you Loved one sit for a day and take her responsibilities . 24*7 and 365 days she devotes herself to you, one day you take a share of that and even you can enjoy doing that.An attempt of helping her itself makes her feel so happy...believe me...

4)Appreciate her work:

Appreciate the work done by her, may be food preparation, office work, home work,craft,her skills whatever she feels happy for getting a compliment from the dear one.

 These are few things to make a effort to keep a women happy who devotes herself to you in your life