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What is the chemical reaction and breakdown of copper carbonate if heated

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Copper carbonate is a dull green solid substance and when it is heated, it decomposed to a black residue known as Copper Oxide and Carbon dioxide gas.  temperature required to melt is in between 200 to 350o C.

CuCO3   CuO + CO2

Cupric oxide has majorly seen to used in pigment the ceramics

Also, Copper Carbonate can also be decomposed to Copper oxide with the help of acid i.e., HCL . Copper oxide is also called as Cupric Oxide (CuO)

Copper oxide or Cupric oxide is highly dangerous. If the fumes of it is inhaled it may lead to 'metal fume fever' that will have flu-like symptoms and other side effects. It is a hazardous metal during smelting of the copper oxide powder.