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   Reasons for unwanted hair growth on face: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the important  cause for hair growth on the face.

·         Due to adrenal gland disorders.

·         Due to some medications which are not suitable for our metabolism

Tips to remove unwanted hair on face:

·         mixture of turmeric with milk would help removal of unwanted hair

·         Apply wheat flour  and oil on unwanted hair

·         Mix banana paste with oats and apply on unwanted hair

·         Mix turmeric with chana flour with water by making in a paste manner and apply on face to remove hair.

 Raw papayas, Chena flour, turmeric are the best ingredients that helps in treating un wanted hair.

·         Mix two spoons of sugar with one spoon of honey and boil till sugar gets melted and keep it aside to become viscous and apply on face.

·         Mix one spoon lemon water and 4 spoons honey and apply on face to treat unwanted hair.

·         Sesame oil apply on facial hair and apply wheat flour

·         Apply one spoon honey, half spoon oatmeal and lemon juice twice in a week on face and let it dry. Then after scrub smoothly followed by cleaning with warm water.

·         Apply orange peel powder, almond powder (Badam powder), oat meal powder, olive oil and rose water on face as scrub.

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