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  1. The word cosmetics derived from Greek language ‘adone’ means addition of something to decorate to a person or thing.

                The cosmetics may be defined as the substances come in contact with various parts of human body like skin, hair, nails, teeth, mucosa membrane. The cosmetics are helpful for improve appearance of body and also for mask bad odour of the body. Majorly cosmetics are external preparations of the body.

                From ancient days various cosmetics are used for appearance of body. Both men and women were tried to improve beauty. Various colored dyes are used for hair (in olden days leaves of vegetables are used as dyes).

                Nowadays cosmetic are play an important role in human life. The cosmetics not only improve appearance but also improve psychological effects. Since last 3-4 decades both male and female has been improved utilization of cosmetics. The most popular cosmetics used in nowadays are hair dyes, powders and creams.

Examples of cosmetics: Skin care products like creams, powders, lotions, lipsticks etc. eye and face masks, hair colorants, body sprays etc.  

Applications/ uses of cosmetics:

  • The cosmetics enhance beauty of skin.
  • Cosmetics help in treating skin infections.
  • These are commonly used for cleansing, beautifying, and moisturizing.
  •   Sunscreen products help in protection of body from UV light.
  •   The cosmetics are helpful for treat acne, wrinkles, dark circles under eye and other skin infections.
  • These are helpful for protection as well as appearance of the body.

Classification of cosmetics: The cosmetics are broadly classified into four categories.

  1. Skin cosmetics
  1. Skin creams

Cold creams: cooling sensation to body.

Vanishing creams: These treat infections to skin and improve appearance.

Massage creams: used for body massage.

All purpose creams: these are use for all purpose like acne, wrinkle treatment and improve beauty.

Borax type creams: These are mainly used for treat burns and infections.

  1. Skin powders

Face powders: mainly used for appearance.

Body powders:  These are used for mask body odor.

  1. Skin colorants

Lipsticks: These are applied to lips for improve beauty.

Rouges: These are applied to cheeks for attractiveness.

  1. Sunburn products: These are mainly used for protection of skin from UV rays. In these various categories are there sunscreen products, palliative and simulative products.
  1. Hair cosmetics
  1. Shampoos: These products are used for cleaning of hair.
  2. Hair tonics: these are used for enhance hair growth and strengthen the hair.
  3. Hair colorants: These are helpful for improve beauty of hair.
  4. Hair waves, curlers and strengtheners: These are used for modulate hair into curly and make strengthen.
  5. Hair removers: These cosmetics are used for remove unwanted hair on body.
  1. Nail cosmetics
  1. Nail polishes: These are used for improve beauty of nail.
  2. Nail polish removers: These products are used for remove nail colors.
  1. Cosmetics for hygienic purpose
  1. Dental care products: These are used for treat dental problems and improve beauty of teeth.

      b.    Bath products: These are used for treat skin problems and improve beauty of skin