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The unemployment is caused due to various reasons.

·         Due to lack of good communication skils

·         Lack of natural resources.

·         Due to technical changes, the unemployed persons can not get job.

·         Due unplanned population growth the scarcity of jobs was observed.

·         Migrane of peoples from village to city.

·         Due lack of skills in perticulor field.

·         Faulty resource planning by government.

·         Due to frequently change the political system, un employment problem arised.

·         Due to lack of investment the unemployed persons can not start any bussines.

·         Lack of rick barring ability.

·         Lack of perfect plan in education.

·         Corruption

·         Lack of motivation.

·         Lack of proper english knowledge.

·         Lazy habitate.

·         Dependency life.

·         Some persons are give up their jobs due to dissadisfaction wages.