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All the SEO Experts will have their own list of SEO tools , but here i would like to seek some information about the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools ?

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Google Analytics:

It is a free service tool provided by the Google that offers analytics and statistics report of the website and its traffic for search engine optimization. It aids in measuring the sales and can get a report of years that helps to measure and track the data. Google analytics facilitate to know how people are finding your website and connecting with it and helps in analyze website loyalty, bounce rate and visits depth in a few clicks.

The data will be stored in server in the form of access logs, those files are text files and arranged in a simpler way to analyze it by the programs and present back in an understable mode. An HTTP connection is used to have a connection between computer and server. It is a two way communication, in which the visitors computer send a request and server sends information back and it ends once the data is transferred. The data includes IP address, Time and date of visits, URL, operating system and browser used by the visitor. Below are the details of data report that can be tracked from Google Analytics.  

1.      Visitors Reports: The Analytics report helps in getting real time traffic to site and visitors stay in a website. It includes the geographical location, number of visitors and how long they have stayed in a site and which pages they have visited, new visitors and returned ones. The guest landed on your site and left immediately and which from which site they have redirected to your site.

2.      One of the best features is to Flag certain pages that is beneficial for ecommerce sites.

3.      Traffic Reports: Tells how people got to your site and which site has referred and can track visitors on daily, monthly that provides clear traffic analysis report of years.

4.      Content: The page which visitor has landed, can trace the guest visiting the page often and often leaving the page, page giving more traffic.

5.      Keywords: The keyword that brings more traffic to site can be identified and that helps the guest to stay on a site for long time. To track report with what keyword guest’s searches helps site with content to boosts the ranking.

6.      Goals: If you have set few objectives for a site and goals are the conversation rates you get on your site. It is the responses from visitors such as feedbacks, registration, purchases etc. It is mainly benefited for the ecommerce sites.

Google Web master:

Web master is a free tool offered by Google that disclose how the site looks online. It helps to monitor your site operation by managing the server and computer technical programming aspects of website, designing and revising web pages. Web master tools help to plan future growth and limitations of a site. Through tool you will come to know the impression your site is generating by keyword or page, CTR, 404 errors.     

Below are the information obtained by Web master:

1.     Crawl: Web master tool gives you information that which web page Google is unable to crawl and robots part come in. If Google is unable to crawl few web pages of your site then the search visibility and page rank may come down. You can submit the site map to get crawled and sorting the site.

2.     Search queries: The content present in the site helps the Google to return to searches for specific queries that appear differently. You can implement all search elements such as site links, breadcrumbs, rich snippets and more.

The total number of search queries that returned from your site, number of times pages were viewed in search results and percentage of listings were clicked on a particular search query. Average position of a site can be known.

3.     Blocked URLs: The tool helps to know which page has to be crawled and not. Using robots.txt file we can give command to index particular pages having content or not. Through tool we can find out the robots.txt is working properly.

4.     Malware: Tools benefits to know if any malware is present in the site.

5.     HTML: Helps to detect any HTML errors are present on the site.

6.     Fetch: you can submit a page to Google to crawl and it may index or may not.