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  1. The emulsion is biphasic system. This is prepared with two immssible liquids like water and oil. The emulsions are mainly two types. o/w type emulsion. In this emulsion oil is dispersed phase and water is continuous phase. The oil globlules are suspended in the water. Second one is w/o type emulsion. In this type of emulsion water is dispersed phase and oil is continuous phase. This is known as water in oil type emulsion. The emulsions are stabilized by using emulsifying agents. The primary emulsions are prepared by using oil, gum and water. The ratios of these ingredients are varied based on the type of oil.

Type of oil                          oil:water:gum

Fixed oils                            4:2:1

Mineral oils                       3:2:1

Volatile oils                       2:2:1

Oleoresins                        1:2:1

In this praportions the primary emulsions are prepared. If vary the prapotion of gum, oil and water the emulsion will break.